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East Men's and Women's League News

Hockey for Heroes: The Tour reaches Hertford HC on May 25th and will play a Herts U21 side and teams from Hertford, Stevenage, and Broxbourne. All are welcome to support this amazing challenge. Details of the day are availble on the Hertford website.

East League Entries 2015-16 season: With just over 2 weeks to go until the closing date for entries of teams into the League next season there are still 40 clubs in the EML and 32 in the EWL still left to enter. Within your club committees start to ask who has carried out the League entry. If no-one knows the answer chances are it hasn't been carried out and you will need to arrange for it to happen. Last season the following clubs still had not entered into the EML until the last minute and we hope that they will not need a last minute reminder this season:- Berkhamsted, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge City, Louth, Old de Ferrians, Old Southendian, Southend and University of Essex.

Final Call for Top Scorers: Just a final call to all clubs, if you know someone in the EML who has scored more than 64 goals this season please do let us know or if there is a lady in the EWL who has scored more than 35 goals again please do let us know. If you feel you have a claim please contact your League Manager or East League Secretary Neil Liversedge by 30th April.

Club Entries for 2015-16 season: Club Secretary's of clubs across the East have been sent emails notifying them that the on-line entry system for teams to participate in the 2015-16 season are now open. The deadline for entries is 31st May. Please make sure that within your club the discussion takes place so entry occurs by the deadline. If it doesn't there is either a fine or the risk that your teams will not be entered at all!
The process to follow is:
- Go to the East League home page
- click on the pre-season action tab on the left hand side
- click on the League Entry tab at the top of the screen.
- at this point you will need your clubs web password for the East League website
- enter your password
- enter the number of teams you wish to enter
- remember where you have teams with numbers and names you will be required to place your teams in order of
strength (also remember that you are doing this for your club, the League cannot be held responsible if you
get this bit wrong!!!)
This season you will notice that entry to Women's teams is also going to be carried out on-line, so if you have teams that play in the East League please place their entry on line too

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Other leagues 2014-15
EHL Conference
Mens East:  Cambridge City finish third, but Old Loughtonians are relegated back to East.

Womens East: Sevenoaks finish second but Bedford are relegated back to East.

County Womens Leagues
Essex: Havering are Champions.
Five Counties: West Herts 2nd are Champions.
Kent: Blackheath and OEs are Champions.
Norfolk: Dereham 2nd are Champions.
Suffolk: Ipswich-East Suffolk are Champions.

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