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East Men's and Women's League News

Match Start Times: We have been asked to draw clubs attention to East League Rule 4.3.2 with a reminder in Div 2 and above in both the EML and EWL matches must have a starting time 11am-4pm in Sept, Oct, Feb, Mar, and Apr and 11am-3pm in Nov, Dec, and Jan. For other divisions start times must be 10.00am-5pm. Where clubs have a particular problem with pitch availability a League Manager may allow a variation outside of these times, however for a League Manager to do so it must be demonstrated that both clubs agree to the variation, where umpires are appointed by a CHUA that umpires are available for an alternative time and adequate thought has been given to the travelling time of the opposition and that communication channels have been established so that if there is a problem on the day (like bad weather) all parties can easily be contacted to avoid unnecessary journey's being made.
Any clubs who have already scheduled times outside of these times should be putting arrangements in place as above and should not be offended if their opposing club decline a time which has not been agreed either by the club or the League Manager.

Changes to the League Managers in EWL: With the restructure of Divisions 3 and 4 in the North West quadrant we are pleased to announce that Kishor Shah will manage Divisions 3NW and 4NWS, Christina Dewing will manage Division 4NWS. Their ontact details can be found on the Management Committee tab of this page. Just look to the left of the screen and you'll see the tab.

Change to League Managers for EML Div 6 and 7SE: Just a quick note to say that there has been a change in the people who will be managing Divisions 6 and 7 South-East of the East Men's League. Henry Wanchoo has agreed to manage 6SE, so in total he will manage Div 3-6SE and Chris Perry has agreed to manage 7SE, this means he will be managing 7-9SE. Chris will also continue to look after Div 9SW.

The season is almost here - have you paid to enter the League and loaded the fixtures: Alas the summer nights are drawing in, you need a sweater (and probably an umbrella) when attending a friends BBQ and our thoughts turn to our favourite pursuit in autumn and winter....... yes hockey season is almost here. Over the next week or so we will be posting friendly reminders on here of things that need to be completed by member clubs.
The key message on this reminder is to ask clubs have you paid your League Entry fee yet and have you posted the details of your pre-Christmas games to the venues/times page of this website. About 50% of the clubs have still to pay their entry fee (the deadline for this is 18th September) and about 22 clubs in the EML and 10 clubs in the EWL have yet to post the venues/times for some or all of their teams (the deadline for this has passed). So please, please, please start to have a conversation within your clubs to ensure these tasks take a priority.

League Fixtures - Live and Final: All queries regarding fixtures for the 2015-16 season have been heard and problems solved or solutions to problems agreed. That means we have great pleasure in confirming the fixtures as final and live. I encourage all members of all clubs to give their Club Fixture Secretary's support as they enter their busiest time of the year.

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Other leagues 2014-15
EHL Conference
Mens East:  Cambridge City finish third, but Old Loughtonians are relegated back to East.

Womens East: Sevenoaks finish second but Bedford are relegated back to East.

County Womens Leagues
Essex: Havering are Champions.
Five Counties: West Herts 2nd are Champions.
Kent: Blackheath and OEs are Champions.
Norfolk: Dereham 2nd are Champions.
Suffolk: Ipswich-East Suffolk are Champions.

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